Esteban Cortina, Co-founder


Esteban Cortina is head designer of the world’s first modular guitar stand system.  He was never satisfied with the “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” mentality and feels that there is always room for improvement.  After studying mechanical engineering in college, Esteban worked in various industries, settling temporarily as a designer of surgical cameras.


Lucky for the avid guitar enthusiast, what started off as a dream and a small garage project, became the world’s first modular guitar stand system.  Along with manufacturing guitar stands, Esteban’s creative side has driven his passion for photography.  He has traveled the world as a freelance photographer for cycling magazines as well as many concert events. Recently Esteban self published his first photo book on Parisian cemeteries.




Jonny Edwards, Co-founder


Jonny Edwards, aka Jonny Coffin, is the man who created the Coffin Case for guitars and other musical instruments.  Through his vision and brilliant marketing, Jonny has brought Gotham Stands to the forefront of accessories and is showing how the new kid on the block is about to shake up the music industry.  He has teamed up with Esteban and Eric to bring fresh ideas and a modern feel to an old world of music accessories.




Eric Granillo, Co-founder


Eric Granillo brings his electronics and computer engineering talents to the Gotham Stands Team to “shed some light” into the sometimes dark world of music.  With software design and internet marketing being a passion of his, the team is a force to be reckoned with.


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